The Starting Line

The Starting Line

New way to ride the rails

The Kickapoo Rail Trail will be not only a place for cyclists, runners and walkers to exercise. It will also be an avenue to explore the attractions along the way — both natural and commercial.

The Fit List

Happy Halloween! And good luck to everyone running at the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis and the New York City Marathon this weekend. Here’s your list of races:

Weekend of Nov. 1-2:
Rattlesnake Master

The Fit List

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend for the Allerton Trail Run. Get registered and find a costume! Here’s your list:

Weekend of Oct. 25-26:
Allerton Trail Run

This ride has its ups, downs

When Richard Harden first heard about the Hilly Hundred bicycle ride in Indiana, he was more than up for the challenge.

“A lot of people who are into cycling are like sled dogs. Put a challenge before them and they are panting and ready to go try it,” Harden said. “I heard there are a lot of steep, challenging hills and pretty scenery, and I said, ‘Sure, count me in.’ ”

The Fit List

Fall running is the best! Get outside and enjoy your weekend. Here’s your list:

Weekend of Oct. 18-19:
Forest Glen Trail Run

The Fit List

The Fit List is all about bike rides this weekend. Here’s your list:

Weekend of Oct. 11-12:
Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride

The Fit List

Head out to the UI Arboretum for the Race Against Racism if you want to race a 10K or 5K this evening. Here’s your list of other upcoming races and rides this weekend and the next two:

Friday, Oct. 3:
Race Against Racism

The Fit List

It’s going to be a great weekend and there are some great races going on, including the Women’s Fitness 5K on Saturday and Wild Wild Wilderness on Sunday. Here’s your list:

Weekend of Sept. 27-28:
Women’s Fitness 5K

Making strides

On most days after school, dozens of elementary-age girls gather at the Stephens Family YMCA or at several elementary schools in Champaign and Urbana. They talk, warm up and play running games.

They are training to run a 5K in November. More importantly, though, they are learning about themselves.