The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

Happy Friday. Here’s your list of races for this weekend, and the next few:

Weekend of July 12-13:
Fisher Fair 5K

The Fit List

It’s the July 4th edition of the Fit List, coming at you a day early. Happy Fourth! Here’s your list of races:

Thursday, July 3:
Rockin’ the Runway 5K

Taking to the air

The trapeze artists hang in graceful positions in the air, their toes pointed, supporting themselves on the trapeze bar by their hands or knees or ankles. Their movements are a combination of art and athleticism, such as ballet or gymnastics.

The Fit List

Race the Kracker Klassic tonight, or the Gifford 5K tomorrow, or pick another race or ride this weekend and have fun! Here’s your list:

Friday, June 27:
Kracker Klassic 5K

The benefits of intense exercise

Pushing yourself during an intense workout results in greater fitness benefits than lighter exercise, according to a new study.

Here is a link to The New York Times story about the study.

The Fit List

Here’s your of races for this weekend list. Have fun out there!

Weekend of June 21-22:
Microbrew Mile

Tigers on the prairie

Rob and Jennifer Kowalski learned about the Tigers on the Prairie running camp when their son Andrew had finished fourth grade. They thought it would be a way for Andrew to stay active in the summer and spend time with friends.

The Fit List

Running, biathlons, triathlons, bike rides — take your pick. Here’s your list:

Weekend of June 14-15:
Lake Mingo Trail Run

The Fit List

I’ll be running around in the woods, trying to dodge the ticks and poison ivy, this weekend. But you can run a new 5K/10K in Arthur (and get free entry into the community pool afterward) or run a timed mile at The High School of St. Thomas More. Here’s your list:

Weekend of June 7-8:
Ty’s Dash ‘n Splash Memorial Run