The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

I’m looking forward to cheering on the ultrarunners at Howl at the Moon this weekend. Good luck in your races this weekend, whether you’re running for eight hours or running a 5K.
Here’s the list:

Weekend of Aug. 10-11:

The Fit List

I’m heading out of Champaign this evening, on the road to Peoria with a bunch of other runners for the Champaign to Peoria St. Jude Run. This relay benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We’re leaving from downtown, right in front of Big Grove at around 6 p.m. If you’re downtown, come cheer us on.

Howl at the Moon

Rob Apple of Nashville, Tenn., is a prolific ultramarathoner. He runs 30 to 40 events each year, and he’s run a total of 655 ultramarathons. Most recently, he ran races in the Alps, in Chamonix, France, and Verbier, Switzerland.

The Fit List

I’d love to be running the mile in St. Joe tonight — sounds like a lot of fun — but I’m headed to Springfield to hang with Abe. If you’re doing one of the triathlons over there on Saturday, be sure to say hi.
If you’re not, head out to St. Joe tonight and see how fast you can go for a mile. It’s for a good cause — the entry fee goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

My kind of tri

I’ve been doing more triathlons in the past couple of years. I enjoy them, but for a relative novice, race day is a little nerve-wracking. Especially when I see the other competitors with their wetsuits or trisuits, and their fancy bikes with the aerobars. I ride a 26-year-old bike that doesn’t even have clipless pedals!

The Fit List

Have a good weekend running or riding or whatever activity you choose. I’ll be doing a little of both, with some swimming thrown in too. And here’s your list of races.

Weekend of July 20-21:
Run for the Bagel
This race includes 10K and 5K runs, a 5K walk, and a 1-mile run (timed or not timed — you choose). They are on Saturday in Mattoon.

Spin it forward

Maybe you’re thinking about getting into mountain biking or triathlons. Maybe it’s time to upgrade from the three-speed bicycle you’ve been riding since middle school. Or maybe you want a higher-quality bike that will make riding with other cyclists more enjoyable and comfortable.

With all the options available, how do you choose the right bike for you?

The Fit List

Good luck to all who are racing at the Fisher Fair on Saturday morning or doing the Evergreen Lake Triathlon. Here’s your list of races, plus upcoming registration deadlines.

Weekend of July 13-14:
Fisher Fair 5K

The Fit List

Lots of good triathlons in July. I’m looking forward to one at the end of the month. There’s a couple nice ones in this week’s list too.
Here’s your list of races, plus upcoming registration deadlines.

Friday, July 5:
Tuscola Firecracker 5K

RAAM tough

For Jay Yost, cycling in the Race Across America has been a lifelong dream.

For Martin Gruebele, it’s part of a more recent passion for endurance events.

The two recently finished cycling nearly 3,000 miles across the United States as a two-person team in the Race Across America. The race started in Oceanside, Calif., and finished in Annapolis, Md.