The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

I’ll be running around in the woods, trying to dodge the ticks and poison ivy, this weekend. But you can run a new 5K/10K in Arthur (and get free entry into the community pool afterward) or run a timed mile at The High School of St. Thomas More. Here’s your list:

Weekend of June 7-8:
Ty’s Dash ‘n Splash Memorial Run

Take the scenic route

Paul Ellinger has traveled throughout the U.S. and the world, for business and for pleasure. And some of his best sightseeing has been done wearing running shoes.

“I think it is a fascinating way to see things and sometimes explore things you’re going to do later on in the day,” he said.

The Fit List

I love it when there are triathlons and bike rides to post, as well as running events. Good luck wherever you are racing. Here’s your list:

Weekend of May 31-June 1:
Running of the Rams

The Fit List

It’s a holiday weekend, so you have three days on which you can race. Lucky you! Here’s your list:

Weekend of May 24-26:
Memorial Day 5K

Staying Safe in the Sun

When Craig Neitzel watches his daughter and her Centennial High School teammates play tennis, then wipe the sweat off their arms and faces between sets, what he sees is this: “They’re wiping off sunscreen they just applied 10, 15, 30 minutes ago.”

The Fit List

There’s going to be some good running weather this weekend, so you better get out to Lake of the Woods and run Buffalo Trace. Here’s your list for the next few weekends:

Weekend of May 17-18:
Buffalo Trace Trail Race

The Fit List

There are lots of good local races this weekend. So hard to choose! You can’t go wrong with either Not Your Average Joe or Kirby Derby. Pick a race and go run and have fun. Here’s your list:

Weekend of May 10-11:
Not Your Average Joe Race

Trail Mix

Mountain bikers who ride at Kickapoo State Recreation Area will find some significant changes this spring to one well-used section of trail.

The trail has been changed to make it easier for riders of different abilities to negotiate, and it is now more sustainable — it was rebuilt to minimize soil erosion and will need less maintenance in the future.

The Fit List

Are you recovered yet from last weekend’s Illinois Marathon races? I hope so, ‘cause there are a lot of fun races coming up. Here’s your list:

Weekend of May 3-4:
Moonlight Marathon