The Starting Line

The Starting Line

So many stocking caps ...

Temperatures dipped below zero earlier this month, we’ve had our first snowfall and it might be tempting to hibernate for the rest of the winter, bundling up and heading outside only to drive to and from the gym for your workout.

But the cold is no reason to resort to running on the “dreadmill.” Embrace the season!

Here are my top 10 reasons to run outside during the winter:

The Fit List

Not so many races right now, so The Fit List will take a Christmas vacation. Back in two weeks to remind of you of area New Year’s Eve runs. Here’s your list through the first weekend in January:

Weekend of Dec. 14-15:
Mike Walsh Memorial 5K

The Fit List

Races are getting fewer at this time of year, so take advantage of the opportunity to race when you can. Here’s your list:

Weekend of Dec. 7-8:
Run Run Santa

The pain, the pleasure

If you want to try cyclocross, be warned:

— You will get cold and muddy.

— You’ll have to get off your bike and carry it over barriers — or up a muddy hill or set of stairs.

— Spectators will heckle you.

But they also might hand you candy, money or a beer. You’ll talk with other cyclists afterward about how hard it was. You’ll have fun.

The Fit List

Yes, it’s cold out, but there are still races to run. Here’s your list for the next few weekends:

Weekend of Nov. 30-Dec. 1:
Stuff ‘N Puff 5K
This is a 5K race and a 1-mile fun run on Saturday in Sullivan. It benefits the Sullivan-Okaw Valley cross country program.

NCAA XC championships

I’m headed to Terre Haute Saturday to watch the best college runners in the country at the NCAA Division I cross country championships.

The Fit List

It’s the Thanksgiving edition of The Fit List. We’ve got turkey trots, a Santa chase, a Jingle Bell run — and a Flippin Fast Mile. Gotta make room for seconds (maybe thirds!) of pumpkin pie.

Weekend of Nov. 23-24:
Run for the Library

Good ruck with that

Kate Pond spent a recent Saturday hiking 10 miles around town with more than 30 other people, crossing through a stream with knee-high water, helping carry several large logs and several people, occasionally stopping for some pushups, all the while carrying a backpack with some bricks in it.

It’s not how most people might choose to spend a weekend day.

The Fit List

Looks like it will be shorts weather again this weekend. Enjoy it while you can. Here’s a list of races, so you can take advantage of temps in the 60s.

Weekend of Nov. 16-17:
Abe’s Trail Trek