The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

I’m looking forward to running in nice, cool temps this weekend. The forecast calls for highs in the 50s in Duluth — can’t wait! And the USA Track & Field half marathon championships will be part of Grandma’s Marathon, so it should be exciting.

The need for speed

Be on the lookout for the blue and yellow racing singlets of the CU Racing Team at the Freedom Celebration 5K on July 4.

The CU Racing Team is a new group of runners who aim to improve their performance — and to be some of the top competitors at local races.

The Fit List

Good luck to the CU Racing Team and anyone else running Steamboat this weekend in Peoria. (And look for a story on the racing team in Tuesday’s paper.)
Here’s your list of races:

Weekend of June 15-16:
Newman Freedom Festival 5K/Biathlon

Safety in numbers

I heard this story on NPR this morning, about how runners in one of the world's most dangerous cities stay safe.

The Fit List

Good luck if you are running Lake Mingo or riding with the Ogden Lions Club this weekend. I’m headed to Chicago for a half marathon with some girlfriends. I’m looking forward to having fun with them and running in considerably cooler temperatures than at last year’s race.
Here’s the list of races for the next few weekends.

Weekend of June 8-9:

Core responsibilities

This workout uses equipment with springs and straps and names like “the Reformer.”

The exercises include lying on a bed attached to springs and pushing to straighten the legs — like a squat, only lying down — or circling the legs in a bicycle movement while they are attached to springs.

The Fit List

Good luck if you’re running in Sidney this weekend. Enjoy the cowbell and the Dairy Barn. I hope the rain holds off until after the race.
Here’s your list of upcoming races:

Weekend of June 1-2:
Countryside 10K

Boston runners cross the bricks at Indy 500

Julie Mills of Champaign and 38 other Boston Marathoners who weren’t able to finish April’s marathon got to run down the straightaway at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and cross the brick finish line Monday, shortly before the start of the Indy 500.

The Fit List

Looks like we’ll have some great running weather this holiday weekend. Enjoy it!
Here’s the list of races for the next few weekends:

Weekend of May 25-27:
Memorial Day 5K
This is a Kennekuk Road Runners race on Memorial Day at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Danville. The proceeds benefit the Veterans Centered Care Initiative.

Focused cross-country push

Ryan Chalmers is on a road trip few would attempt.

Chalmers is crossing the U.S., from Los Angeles to New York City — his Push Across America — in his racing wheelchair.

He’s pushing more than 3,000 miles in 71 days, through Death Valley, over mountain passes and into the winds of the Plains states.