The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Joe's race

A race organized for more than 20 years by Human Kinetics is being renamed in honor of a late employee who was a strong advocate of running.

Ride On

On occasion, when Rob Kanter was leaving for work on a not-so-nice day, his wife would ask, “You’re not going to ride to campus today, are you?”

Kanter would answer, “Only a lunatic would bike in this weather!”

Then he’d head out the door, hop on his bike and pedal to work.

It became a family joke.

The Fit List

It may be cold out, but there are still races going on. Here’s a look at the next month:

I resolve to ...

Call it a birthday resolution.

When Tony Hillen turned 29 shortly before Christmas 2011, he resolved he would not be overweight when he hit 30. He weighed 295 pounds, and he set a goal of losing 100 pounds during the next year.

When he weighed in a couple of weeks ago, as he was about to turn 30, he’d lost more than 115 pounds.

Time for a new goal.

The Fit List, New Year's edition

Happy New Year from The Fit List!
Here’s a rundown of New Year’s Eve races in the area, so you can end 2012 right, and a trail race the first weekend in January, to start your 2013 racing:

New Year’s Eve:
Body n’ Sole Sports New Year’s Eve Fun Run

40 for 40

Last week I wrote about Kurt Austin, who ran 12 half marathons or marathons, one each month, in 2012.

He’s not the only local runner who had a big racing goal for 2012.

Joe and Kelly Bails of Mahomet marked their 40th birthdays this year by running 40 races.

12 in '12

Kurt Austin has run races this year from Boone, N.C., to Portland, Ore., and from Omaha, Neb., to Austin, Texas.

The well-traveled Champaign runner has run a half-marathon or marathon every month — 12 races in 12 months in 2012.

The Fit List

The Fit List will be appearing less frequently in the next couple of months, as the races are getting fewer and farther between. But I’ll still have a list of winter races periodically.
Here’s the list through the first weekend in January:

Weekend of Dec. 8-9:
Da Deer Run Run

The Fit List

I keep thinking I’ve worn shorts for the last time this year ... and then it gets warm again. We’ve got at least a few more days of shorts weather this year. Take advantage of it.
Here’s the list of upcoming races:

Weekend of Dec. 1-2:
Polar Paws

Ice can be nice

At this time of year, I start to imagine myself flying down a ski hill, or cross-country skiing through the woods or skating gracefully around an ice rink.

I am always far more graceful and athletic in my imagination than in reality. But I’m working on the reality of those sports.