The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

Today is Run@Work Day! I’ll be stuck in a car driving all day, but I hope you can find time to run, either before or after work, or during a break in your work day.

Stretching: The point

When it comes to stretching, I think I’m pretty typical of many runners. If I’m feeling good, I either don’t stretch or do only minimal stretching. When I have a nagging injury or sore muscles, I’m suddenly much more committed to a stretching routine.

Given the many runners you see stretching before a race, though, the topic is surprisingly controversial.

The Fit List

Here’s an abbreviated version of The Fit List, with just this weekend’s races. (Busy week.) I’ll be at Shoreline in Decatur on Sunday. If you’re not already registered, it’s too late, but consider it for next year. It’s a good race.
Here’s this weekend’s races:

Weekend of Sept. 15-16:
Bob Galloway Memorial Amish Country Bicycle Tour

Crazy K donations

Nearly 1,500 runners got muddy last weekend at the Car-X Crazy K race at the Champaign County Fairgrounds.

The Fit List

Have fun, all you Crazy K runners. Should be a great event.
Here’s the list of other runs and rides this weekend and next:

Weekend of Sept. 8-9:
Car-X Crazy K

A muddy good time

What to expect for the second Car-X Crazy K Saturday? More mud!

The organizers of the race say they will provide a bigger, better, muddier experience this year for race participants.

Not your average Joe

Joe Seeley has been an ambassador for running and youth soccer in Champaign-Urbana. He’s encouraged new runners, provided vital behind-the-scenes assistance with the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon and shown kids how fun soccer can be — all in his laid-back, unassuming kind of way.

The Fit List -- Isaac edition

The triathlon I was going to do this weekend has already been canceled. I’d suggest checking a race website or making a call before heading out to a race this weekend, just in case it’s rained out.
Hopefully the weather will hold out so some of these races can go off.

Weekend of Sept. 1-3:
Arthur Cheese Festival Rat Race

The Fit List

Some good bike rides coming up, including the C-U Across the Prairie ride on Saturday morning. Lots of running too. Here’s the list:

Weekend of Aug. 25-26:
C-U Across the Prairie
The Prairie Cycle Club’s annual ride is Saturday and it leaves from Urbana this year, to coincide with the Sweet Corn Festival.

Pedal with the pack

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a cyclist.

I like it, but in the past, I haven’t bicycled enough for it to feel anywhere near as comfortable as running or swimming.