The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

Anybody else doing one of the Springfield tris this weekend? How about a century bike ride in McLean County? There’s a couple 5Ks to choose from as well.
Here’s the list:

Weekend of July 30-31:
— Springfield Tri Fest
The Iron Abe Olympic Triathlon and the Stoneman Sprint Triathlon are on Saturday in Springfield.

Family with footspeed

If you run any 5K races in the area, chances are good you’ve seen the Franklins — dad Jason and daughters Jessica, Amanda and Alexa — running in their bright green T-shirts.

The Fit List

There are a couple of 5K runs this weekend, if you can stand the heat, and more runs, triathlons, a century bike ride and an open water swim coming up in the next few weekends. Check them out:

Weekend of July 23-24:
— Run for the Bagel

5K race circuit winners

The first-time All Area 5K Championship Circuit concluded this past weekend with the Fisher Fair 5K. And the men’s championship came down to the wire.

The Fit List

Hopefully it won’t be sweltering for anyone running the Fisher Fair 5K this weekend, doing the Evergreen Lake tri, or whatever it is you’re planning. Here’s the Fit List. See you at the races!

Weekend of July 16-17:

— Fisher Fair 5K


One of the goals I set for myself this summer was to learn how to change a flat on my bike.

Pretty basic stuff, but I’m not really much of a cyclist. My biking consists of doing the minimum amount of training I need each summer to get from zero to being able to finish the bike portion of a triathlon.

The Fit List

Pick a triathlon, 5K or bike ride this weekend. Got a list for the next two weekends for you here. Have fun!

Weekend of July 9-10:
— Lakeside Triathlon

Urbana family fun runs

When Peter Breit, track and cross-country coach at Urbana High School, saw a UHS parent out running last spring, it gave him an idea of how he might get to know some of the families better and let them get to know him.

The Fit List

Where are you going to run this weekend? You’ve got your choice of a bunch of races, as well as a bike ride in Clinton and a triathlon in Charleston. Here’s the Fit List, Fourth of July edition:

Weekend of July 2-4:
— Rockin the Runway 5K

On your mark, get set, get messy

A new 5K run scheduled for late August is not your typical road race.

The runners will go over hurdles, climb hay bales, crawl through tunnels, negotiate a “sea of tires” and crawl through a mud pit.

The Car-X Crazy K also is not your average fundraiser. The goal is to raise $80,000, to be distributed among eight local charities.