The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Stair Masters

Terry Purcell is one of the top athletes in the world in a sport you’ve never heard of.

The 40-year-old Springfield man is a tower runner, and he’s won sprints up the John Hancock Center, Willis Tower and Aon Center in Chicago, the Empire State Building, and the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles.

Running the world

It was a gray, drizzly Monday morning when Tony Mangan set out on day 100 of running.

His trip today would take him from Urbana to Farmer City, just a sliver of his goal of running around the world.

Fight for Air Climb

Next weekend, Anna Barnes of Champaign will begin in the first floor stairwell at the Hilton Springfield and take the stairs up, up, up 30 floors to the top, as fast as she can, trying to ignore her burning lungs and burning thighs.

Water for Wellness

Winter dumped several inches of snow on the area, making for a slippery commute. In spite of the weather, 15 dedicated exercisers were in the pool at the University of Illinois’ Campus Recreation Center East at 8:30 a.m. on a January morning.

Reaching New Heights

Paul Magelli stood on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this month, at age 79 one of the oldest people to climb the mountain.

Elementary runners to be part of UI track meet

If you plan to watch the Illini Classic track meet this weekend, you’ll get to see some younger runners along with the University of Illinois athletes.

Middle school cross-country runners get all-state honor

Two Champaign cross-country runners received all-state honors for their accomplishments during the 2010 season.

Creating a Healthier Community

We all know that getting some exercise is good for us.

The recommended amount for adults is 30 minutes per day. Only 25 percent of us meet that standard, despite efforts to encourage people to be more active. And that hasn’t changed in 20 years.

Drinking and exercise

OK, be honest. If you ran the Siberian Express at Kickapoo State Park last weekend, you might have had a beer or two at the post-race party.

And a cold one tastes pretty good after a long, hot summer run.

But do runners — or cyclists, skiiers or anyone who regularly exercises — drink more? Or, conversely, do people who drink tend to exercise more?

Staying warm on a winter run

Temperatures in the single digits? Several inches of snow on the ground?

You don’t have to skip the outdoor runs and migrate indoors to the treadmill or the couch.