The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

The Fit List is getting skinnier, but there are still races out there to be run.
Check out the list and find one to enter.

This weekend:
— Mattoon Santa Chase

Wondering if you should exercise if you have a cold?

Got the sniffles? A sore throat, or nagging cough?

It’s cold and flu season. And if you’re feeling crummy, you may be wondering if you should go to the gym or for your run or walk, or skip it in favor of chicken soup and the couch.

Energizer Bonnie

Bonnie McElwee was running her second marathon, the now-defunct Freedom Marathon at Allerton Park.

The Fit List

Enjoy the extended fall with a run in the woods at Mahomet this weekend.
Here’s the list of upcoming races.

This weekend:
— Run for the Library
This 5K run and walk is at 9 a.m. Saturday at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet. The race benefits the Mahomet Public Library and the Mahomet Rotary Club.

Heat training could help your performance now

Remember those hot, humid days this summer when you ended your run or your bike ride feeling like you just worked out in a sauna?

Yeah, me neither. Well, maybe I do, but it sure seems like a long time ago.

But that heat training could serve you well now.

The Fit List

It’s getting cold outside, but there are still races to be run. So check out this list, pick a race, bundle up and get out there!

Weekend of Nov. 6-7:
— Canal Connection 10K

Me and Boston

We have a complicated relationship, me and Boston.

Transplant Games follow-up

NOTE: This is a much delayed follow-up on Stephanie Wetzel’s experience at the U.S. Transplant Games in early August. The games is an Olympic-style competition held every two years for organ transplant recipients and sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation.

Smashing success

These folks are serious about their Ping-Pong.

Serious enough to win gold at the Illinois Senior Olympics and the Huntsman World Senior Games this fall.

Phyllis Hughes, Al Martens and Joanne Brummett are among a group of local table tennis players who have been honing their games, competing -- and winning.

Screaming Pumpkin/Allerton photos

Race or costume party?

The runs I did this weekend were both.

The Screaming Pumpkin marathon and relay was a great way to start off Halloween weekend. The run covered a dark, hilly, 6.55-mile loop through a Peoria cemetery. It was just spooky enough to be fun. When we weren’t running, there was plenty of food, hot chocolate and a great band.