The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Weathering challenges

My last column featured summer trip reports from two area cyclists, one of whom rode with a group on the Gasp

Out for a joyride

Where did you go on your summer vacation? Several local cyclists left the cornfields for weeklong bike trips featuring some spectacular scenery not available in central Illinois. Here are their trip reports:

She went all out ...

During a Spartan race in June, Janet Stroud faced a new challenge about every quarter-mile throughout the 9-m

Riding to Paris

The world’s best cyclists will complete the last stage of the Tour de France on July 23 by riding from Montge

Reading, writing and running

Melissa Raguet-Schofield is a veteran trail runner and ultramarathoner.

Kidding around

The setting was perfect for yoga -- a peaceful rural location on a warm, sunny, late spring afternoon, with a

Running out of breath?

It can happen to a highly-trained marathoner or a beginning runner, a high school soccer player or a college

Give it a TRI

Want to try a tri this summer?

Get ready to shred

Sara Haag has been mountain biking for about five years, starting shortly after she saw someone riding the tr