The Starting Line

The Starting Line

It's OK to show off

Athletes done with racing for 2015 may wonder what to do with the collection of medals and race bibs the

Going to new heights

Two area cross-country club teams ran in the National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships in Albuquerque, N.M., last weekend. It was the first time the flatlanders were running at altitude.

The Fit List

The Fit List will appear sporadically through the winter months.

The Fit List

Looking for a race? Here’s your list.



Between the shorter hours of daylight, the possibility of nasty weather and all the holiday parties, it can get a little hard to keep up the workouts this time of year.

That's precisely the reason for holiday streaking.

The Fit List

The races are fewer this time of year, but the weather is still good so you have no excuse not to get out there.

The Fit List

It’s the Thanksgiving edition of The Fit List. Get your turkey trot on here.


Burn calories on Thanksgiving -- not your feast

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it seems fitting that I should start the day with one of my favorite activities — running.

The Fit List

Ready to run? Here’s your list of upcoming races:


Rules of the ride

While most bicyclists know they need to follow the rules of the road, exactly how to interpret those rules and navigate the infrastructure to accommodate bicycles can be confusing to cyclists, drivers and police.

How traffic laws affect cyclists is becoming increasingly important because more people are commuting by bicycle.