The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Full access to the slopes

Taylor Morefield skiied the Colorado mountains for the first time last February. Her goal: work up to one of the more challenging trails.

“It was tons of fun. I had snow flying in my face,” she said. “It was an amazing experience.”

Even falling was fun, Taylor said.

The Fit List

Lots of opportunities to run — and eat — this weekend.
— Sweetcorn 5K Classic

Triathlon training increases heart health

Triathlon training is suggesting ways for increasing heart health.

The Long Run

The “Monster Month.”

That’s what Runner’s World calls this time in a marathon training schedule, the four to six weeks when the long runs are hitting distances of 18 and 20 miles, or more.

Michelle Mehnert's triathlon diary, entry #3

Michelle Mehnert is a triathlete and University of Illinois swimmer who is currently training for the Short Course Triathlon World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, in September. In her third guest blog for The Starting Line, she writes about competing recently in a triathlon in Ludington, Mich., and starting to taper for the big race.

Walking helps your brain

Here’s some news to get the senior citizens off the couch.

Even moderate exercise — walking for 40 minutes three times a week, for example — can improve brain function in older people.

The Fit List

The Labor Day weekend festival races are coming!
Join me in my hometown for Arthur’s 5K Rat Race. It’s really flat, and you’ll get a hunk of cheese after the race.
The 5K is part of Arthur’s Cheese Festival during Labor Day weekend. The race is on Labor Day, Sept. 6.

Taking the high road

Lori Melchi’s summer adventure involved an athletic endeavor like no other she’d ever attempted.

The Fit List

Teachers may be on strike in Mahomet, but runners will still be at the high school Saturday morning for the Mahomet half-marathon and 5K.