The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Fit List

Get your vegetables and your exercise on Saturday, July 17, in Urbana.

The Fit List

You can start your holiday weekend off with a 5K race and fireworks tonight, and take your pick of races on the Fourth.

There’s also some local races and a ride in the coming weekends.

Way to go!

It was Labor Day weekend and many University of Illinois students were heading home for the holiday.

At the Illinois Terminal in downtown Champaign, bicycles were everywhere, chained to trees and signs and anything else that didn’t move.

The Fit List

Let the Fourth of July races begin.

Get Out More

If, like me, you’re itching to get out the tent and do some camping, you might want to head to Champaign Surplus Thursday evening.

The store is hosting Backpacker magazine’s “Get Out More” tour, where you can see all kinds of cool outdoor gear and learn a little about outdoor skills.

The Fit List

There are a lot of opportunties for you to run or ride with Dad this weekend.

You can team up for a biathlon relay in Newman on Saturday.

The Newman Freedom Festival includes a 5K run and walk, and a biathlon with a 5K run and 12-mile bike ride. You can do the biathlon events as an individual, or team up with Dad or another athlete to do it as a relay.

Flatlanders train to climb a mountain

How do you train to climb a mountain when you live in central Illinois?

“The best way to train is to go hike in the mountains, and that we just can’t do here,” said Lynn Wachtel of Champaign.

Nevertheless, she and Lori Melchi of Savoy are finding ways to prepare for their July climb up 19,340-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Walking the walk

If you’ve been to Meadowbrook Park on a Tuesday evening recently, you’ve seen them, among the runners, inline skaters, and parents pushing strollers: The walkers with the poles.

The Fit List

Looking for a change of pace for a 5K race? Try an evening run.

The Rantoul Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Fourth of July celebration that includes an evening 5K run and walk. The Rocking the Runway Firecracker Bash is on Friday, July 2.