The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Taking ownership

So what do you get when you buy a marathon?

“We bought a 6 x 10 trailer, 500 cones, and about 30 metal signs,” joked Mike Lindemann, one of the new owners of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon.

The Fit List

There are tons of events this weekend. You can choose from road races, a trail run, a bike ride and a triathlon.
And you can choose an event that benefits HIV/AIDS service organizations or that supports social change, one that remembers a prominent local cyclist, or that celebrates woolly worms.
Here’s the list. Have fun.

Weekend of Oct. 2-3:

Pedaling for Peace

We met Chris Bornstein when he was camping next to us in Shawnee National Forest last weekend.

He was traveling light. No tent, no car. Just a bicycle, a tarp to keep it (and him) dry if it rained, and a bivvy sack to sleep in.

He’s 34, from Lancaster, Penn., and he was a few weeks into what he hopes will be a trip around the world.

The Fit List

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Women’s Fitness 5K race this weekend.

The race began in 1986. It gets between 200 and 300 runners every year, and it has donated more than $20,000 to Crisis Nursery and the Center for Women in Transition in the last 15 years.

Go, girl! (Guys: cheer from the sidelines.)

This Saturday is the Women’s Fitness 5K race at Crystal Lake Park.

It’s a women-only race that’s been around for 25 years now.

For the first time ever, two men registered for the race this year.

Earth-friendly ride

If you bike to work or for errands rather than driving, you’re already doing something good for the environment.

You can enjoy a bike ride around town and find out how to be more environmentally friendly on the EcoTour this weekend.

Amish Country bike tour

About 600 people rode the Amish Country Bicycle Tour Saturday, according to one volunteer from the Decatur Bicycle Club.

It was perfect weather for the ride, which went east and south of Arthur. There were routes of 20, 42, 60 and 100 miles.

Below are a few photos from the ride.

The Fit List

This is one of my favorite fall weekends, with two events I really like.
On Saturday, there’s a bike ride around Amish country near Arthur, my hometown. And on Sunday, there’s the Shoreline Classic 15K around Lake Decatur.
Check them out — they’re both lots of fun. And be sure to say Hi if you see me there.

Run@Work Day

A group of employees at Human Kinetics in Champaign run together during their lunch hour.

Others use the on-site gym to play basketball, weight train, or work out on a treadmill or elliptical machine. Or they take a yoga class during the day.

So it seems natural the company would participate in Run@Work Day this week.