The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Half-marathon makeup

She didn’t finish her run on the 50-yard line of Memorial Stadium.

She didn’t get an official Illinois Half-Marathon finisher’s medal.

But Mariah Burt couldn’t be more proud of the half-marathon run she did through Champaign and Urbana last weekend.

Yes, last weekend. A week after the Illinois Marathon races.

The Fit List

Now that warm weather is here and more fitness activities are scheduled, I’ll be providing a list of some upcoming events each week. The “Fit List” debuts today.

Biking to work

C-U Bike to Work Day on Tuesday brought out both novice and veteran bike commuters.

I was definitely in the novice category. I rode the 4 1/2 miles from my house to downtown Champaign Tuesday, the first time I’ve ridden to work. What a great way to get to work on such a beautiful day.

Hitting the road

When Rebecca Bird leaves for work today, she’ll put on her bike helmet and head out of the driveway on two wheels.

Bike to Work Day tips

Are you biking to work Tuesday?

You can register for C-U Bike to Work Day on the Champaign County Bikes website, at

Alma Mater is ready for marathon weekend

Alma Mater is ready for her race.

Check out the iconic statue at Wright and Green, and you’ll see she’s wearing a bib number – No. 1867, appropriately, the year the University of Illinois was founded – and an orange and blue sweatband, in recognition of this weekend’s Illinois Marathon.

What's on your marathon playlist?

I don’t listen to music while I run.

I never have, so it’s not a habit I’ve developed. And I prefer to focus on my running, and on my surroundings, whether it’s enjoying nature, the neighborhood I’m running in, or talking with friends.

Racewalking the Illinois Half-Marathon

Among all the runners in the Illinois Marathon races Saturday, keep an eye out for a group of walkers.

These walkers won’t be strolling leisurely along the course. They’re racewalkers, and you can spot them not only by their speedy pace, but also by their distinctive stride.

Mapping the marathon

Have you wondered how the organizers of the Illinois Marathon mapped the route and ensured it is exactly 26.2 miles?

Jane Domier and Don Luman of the Illinois State Geological Survey worked with marathon Co-director Mike Lindemann to create and map the routes for the marathon, half-marathon and 5K races.