The Starting Line

The Starting Line

Runnin' Abe

Have you seen a guy in a stovepipe hat and running shoes recently?

You did if you ran the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon in Springfield on Saturday. And you can see him again in the Illinois Half Marathon on May 1.

He’s Jeff Kohmstedt of Champaign, and he’s running dressed as Abraham Lincoln and carrying a State of Illinois flag.

More half-marathon spots available for Illinois Half-Marathon.

If you want to run the Illinois Half-Marathon on May 1 and didn’t get registered before the race filled, you still have a chance.

The marathon organizers are opening up 100 more spots in the half-marathon. Runners who want to do the half-marathon can register online only beginning at noon Friday.

Few pregnant women getting enough exercise.

Pregnant women should get a half-hour of moderate exercise on most days, but few do, according to the results of a recently-released study.

The study, by researchers at the University of North Carolina, found only 23 percent of pregnant women were active enough to meet the physical activity guidelines of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Runner profile: Lisa Morgan

This is one of a series of profiles on runners training for one of the Illinois Marathon races.

Name: Lisa Morgan
Hometown: Champaign
Age: 54
Occupation: Owner of Great Harvest Bread Co. in Champaign
Race: half-marathon

Through her business, Lisa Morgan has formed a connection to the local running community, and become a more consistent runner herself.

Ladies -- Exercise to keep off the pounds.

In case you needed another reason to get outside now that the weather is warming up ... Did you see the study released last week on how much exercise older women need to avoid gaining weight? An hour a day for women who aren’t dieting and who aren’t already overweight.

An hour a day. Quite a time commitment.

Exercise can benefit people with multiple sclerosis.

Exercise helps reduce some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and it helps those with the disease have a better quality of life because they feel more confident in their ability to move, says a research scientist at the University of Illinois.

Rob Motl, a professor of kinesiology and community health, is now looking at whether exercise affects more than the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Does it modify the disease itself? If so, exercise could be a new treatment option for people with multiple sclerosis, Motl said.

Illinois half-marathon, relay close to being full.

The limit for the number of runners in the Illinois Half-Marathon has been increased, but that race and the marathon relay are likely to be full by the weekend.

The directors of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon recently increased the cap for the half-marathon from 6,000 to 6,500 runners. The half-marathon reached 6,000 runners on about March 10.

Runner/walker profile: Don and Roma Chenoweth

This is one of a series of profiles on runners training for one of the Illinois Marathon races.

Name: Don and Roma Chenoweth
Hometown: Champaign
Age: Don, 69; Roma, 68
Occupation: Don, retired political science professor; Roma, retired high school English teacher
Race: 5K

For Don and Roma Chenoweth, exercising is a way of life.

They are often running and walking at local races, and they are regulars at Second Wind Running Club’s fun runs each Tuesday in the summer at Meadowbrook Park.

Friends who get me through the miles.


If you really want to get to know someone, run 20 miles with her.

There’s a lot of time for talking.

Far from being lonely or solitary, running for me is extremely social and a way to stay connected with friends.

My longtime running buddies have a regular Sunday morning run, known as “church.” This is when I can catch up on their lives and their families, and we can talk about whatever is on our minds.