Know the signs of ovarian cancer

Know the signs of ovarian cancer

One in 67 women will get the potentially deadly ovarian cancer, and sometimes it’s found too late.

The best chance of survival is early treatment, which depends on finding the cancer early, so make yourself aware of the early warning signs, the Illinois Department of Public Health advises.

While sometimes women don’t have early symptoms, there are also sometimes early mild symptoms often confused with gastrointestinal illnesses. They can include: abdominal discomfort and pain or gas, indigestion,  pressure, bloating or cramps, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, frequent urination, loss of appetite, feeling full even after eating lightly, unexplained weight gain or loss and abnormal vaginal bleeding.

While all women are at risk for ovarian cancer, 90 percent of the women who get this form of cancer are over age 40 and  most are over age 60, according to the health department.

Risk factors are a family history of ovarian cancer, being 50 or older, never having had a child, being obese and having a personal history of breast or colon cancer.

Women are advised to see a doctor if they have any of the early symptoms. Depending on the type of ovarian cancer and how far it has spread, it can be treated  by surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, according to public health department.

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debbie d wrote on September 03, 2011 at 9:09 am

my question is, when you see some of these symptons and you DO have a family history, and have had a close call with breast cancer...where do you go to get checked out when ya don't have a job nor insurance? let me answer where. you fall in the cracks of the political bs and are let to die! there is a orginazation out there to some what help..Illinois breast and cerivcal cancer program. but with this program, it only give you your yearly breast mammo and exam. when it comes to a pap have to wait 3 YEARS before you get another one. that is all the others came back normal for the 3 yrs previous. i think this is alot of crap since Obama is making it big deal when it comes to health care and such. Congress has the control over who gets a pap smear and who don't? that just blows me away. why are they in charge of my life? i have been everywhere to get help and all i get is ...."you don't have any kids", "you aren't quailfied for medicaid" , "you have no money" or the big one is"i am not of color"... that just makes me sick. no one is concerned about my health but me...yes, but what can one do about getting help and doing something early if you have congress telling/controlling it? answer me that batman.

Sandy wrote on September 04, 2011 at 12:09 am

Don't blame Obama. He got through as much of a health plan as he could. The Republicans are the ones who think taking care of their fellow citizens' health is socialism, and something to be avoided even if it saves peoples' lives. Oh, and don't forget the health insurance lobbyists. The health insurers have a ton of money, and they spend it to avoid any laws that would restrict their business. All companies do this, of course, but the big difference here is that when people can't get health care they die.

Politically all we can do is vote for expanded access to health care even when the Republicans label supporters socialists and communists and lie about levels of satisfaction with universal coverage in other countries. It's not true that Canadians hate their system, for example, but that doesn't stop politicians from saying they do. My British brother-in-law had guidebooks from England that include warnings to British travelers about our health care system. The tone is "you'll never believe this, but these people don't offer any protection to anyone, even their own citizens."