Take Care: All About Your Health (July 2012)

Take Care: All About Your Health (July 2012)

5-Second Rule is Just "Folklore"

How many times have you dropped food on the floor or spilled part of dinner on the table, quickly picked it up and eaten it anyway after telling yourself nothing is going to pick up germs in five seconds?

You might want to seriously rethink the five-second rule, a Loyola University doctor advises.

Health officials warn about another tickborne illness

Tick bites usually bring the thought of possible Lyme disease to mind. But anyone planning to travel to the upper Midwest of New England this summer should also be on the lookout for another potentially severe tickborne illness common in some of those states, babesiosis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Thursday.

Five summer poison dangers to avoid

The Illinois Poison Control Center says its hotline calls go up 20 percent during the summer, and that’s largely due to five summer outdoor hazards.

Here’s the list:

1. Sunscreen accidentally swallowed or licked off hands by kids after it’s been applied. Sunscreen is minimally toxic, but it should only be applied to children by adults and kept out of kids’ reach.