Take Care: All About Your Health (October 2012)

Take Care: All About Your Health (October 2012)

Women can wait 3-5 years for Pap test

Women, that annual cervical cancer screening is no longer necessary,  the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says.

The Real Bears soda-bashing video and a contest to enter your own

Following the release of its controversial video, The Real Bears — which links a family of sick and obese polar bears with their soda-drinking habit —  the Center for Science in the Public Interest is now running a contest inviting people to submit their own original kick-soda videos.

How to sneak winter squash into mac and cheese

Winter squash is good for us.

We love our mac and cheese.

Dietician Kristina Adams put the two together and created a family-friendly, fall recipe she calls Squashed Mac 'n' cheese.  And check out the health benefits: