Take Care: All About Your Health

Take Care: All About Your Health

Cold weather risks to keep in mind

I love winter weather (well, for about the first month) but it's good to remember the risks that come with colder temperatures for the most vulnerable among us.

World AIDS Day 2010: 33.4 million worldwide living with HIV

By latest count, there are 33.4 million people living with HIV infection worldwide, about 1.1 million of them in the U.S.
And if that’s not grim enough, about one-fifth of the people in the U.S. who are currently infected don’t  know it, according to federal government statistics.

Youths abusing more prescription drugs than street drugs

Where are young people getting a lot of recreational drugs these days? From friends, relatives and their own medicine cabinets, according to a new study.

Researchers have found that, among adolescents and young adults, the non-medical use of prescription drugs is now surpassing the use of all illicit drugs except for marijuana.

Nearly half of U.S. colorectal and cervical cancer cases diagnosed at late stages

There is new government research on the prevalence of cancer screening and late-stage cancer diagnosis that may surprise you:

Nearly half of colorectal and cervical cancer cases and one-third of breast cancer cases in the U.S. aren’t diagnosed until they’re in late, difficult-to-treat stages.

A Thanksgiving conversation topic that could help save your life

How much do you know about your family's health history?

For those who are gathering with family for the holiday weekend, it's a great time to find out.

In fact, Thanksgiving has been declared National Family History Day by the U.S. surgeon general since 2004.

New report says half of Americans could have diabetes by 2020

The dire warnings about the link between obesity and diabetes just keep getting worse, and a new one has arrived just two days ahead of America's annual Thanksgiving feast.

Darvon and Darvocet pose serious heart risk, FDA says

The pain medication propoxyphene (brand names Darvon and  Darvocet) is being pulled from the U.S. market because data shows it poses a potentially fatal risk to the heart, according to the Food and Drug Administration Friday.

Experimental drug for type 1 diabetes at Christie Clinic

What if you were just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes — but there was a drug treatment available to preserve your body’s ability to produce insulin?

Deadly hospital mistakes

Some alarming news today about what happens to one out of seven Medicare beneficiaries when they’re in the hospital:

In just a single month — October 2008 —  13.5 percent Medicare beneficiaries (one out of seven) were harmed by care they received in the hospital, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Office of Inspector General.

Know when antibiotics won't work

When you feel sick from a cold, flu or sore throat, do you go to the doctor and ask for an antibiotic?

Please don’t, health experts say. Using an antibiotic to treat a viral infection won’t work, and can lead to antibiotic resistance down the road.