Take Care: All About Your Health

Take Care: All About Your Health

Kids think junk food with cartoon characters on the package tastes better

From the July print issue of Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

How much influence does Dora the Explorer and other popular cartoon characters have on what kids eat? Maybe more than we think.

Workers at 3 Champaign Subway restaurants test negative for Salmonella

SPRINGFIELD —  Several food handlers at Subway restaurants in Illinois have tested positive for Salmonella sickness, Illinois Department of Public Health spokeswoman Melaney Arnold said this afternoon.

Don't use Magic Power Coffee, FDA warns

The FDA is warning anyone using Magic Power Coffee, an instant coffee product marketed as a dietary supplement for sexual enhancement, to stop using it immediately.

Subway Salmonella outbreak widens

Today's update from the Illinois Department of Public Health on Salmonella outbreak linked to  Subway restaurants:

Confirmed cases of Salmonella serotype Hvittingfoss – 90.

Age range of confirmed cases: 2 to 79.

FDA alert to parents about liquid Vitamin D for infants

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to parents who give their infants liquid Vitamin D supplements: Beware of the droppers that come with the supplements. Some droppers could allow for over-dosing, which can be harmful to infants.

Tips to age well

Part of aging well is within our own control. For those who want to live longer and better, here are 10 tips provided today by the American Geriatrics Society’s AGS Foundation for Healthy Aging:

1. Eat a rainbow of colors and limit red meat and whole-fat dairy products. Choose whole grains over refined versions.

New tobacco restrictions take effect June 22

Enforcement of new regulations on the sale and distribution of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products starts June 22.

These new restrictions, which strengthen federal controls over tobacco sales and marketing and include new protections for youths, are part of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act signed into law June 22, 2009.

Men's health week

You could buy your dad another tie for Father’s Day, but something he might appreciate more in the long run is your interest in his health.

Today marks the beginning of National Men’s Health Week, always the week leading up to Father’s Day.

Strawberries: The vitamin C fruit to eat right now

Want to pack more vitamin C and fiber into your diet? Eat more strawberries.

They're nutritious, low-calorie, versatile and available fresh right now.

More Champaign/Vermilion Subway sites identified in Salmonella outbreak

The Illinois Department of Public Health has now identified three Subway restaurants in Champaign and Vermilion counties in connection with the Salmonella outbreak.

In Champaign County: Subways at Mattis and Bradley avenues and 610 E. Daniel St.

In Vermilion County: Subway at 105 N. Main St., Georgetown.