Take Care: All About Your Health

Take Care: All About Your Health

When to seek a second opinion

When your health is on the line, do you always take one doctor's word for it?

There are several situations that call for a second medical opinion (sometimes even a third) and patients shouldn’t be afraid to ask for one, doctors say.

Blink more, eat better and other advice for your eyes

Can you read this line without squinting?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has expanded its EyeSmart Web site with new information, including advice for people who spend a good chunk of their days in front of a computer.

When are kids too sick for child care centers?

It's a common working parents' dilemma: When kids wake up with the sniffles or a tummy ache, is it  still OK to take them to a child care center that day?

Women, walking and stroke

Here's a special incentive for women to participate in Champaign County's Moon Walk this spring: It may just lower the risk of a stroke.

Women who walked two or more hours a week, or walked briskly at 3 miles an hour or faster, had a significantly lower risk of stroke than women who didn't walk, according to the American Heart Association.

Tips for spring allergy sufferers

It’s been a miserable spring for a lot of allergy sufferers, thanks to the pollen explosion that came with the warmer weather.

If you’re coping with watery eyes, congestion and other springtime allergy symptoms, here are some suggestions from Dr. John Brockenbrough, a Carle otolaryngologist, that may help:

The smoking-depression link

Depressed people are more likely to be cigarette smokers — and heavy smokers at that — a new government report found.

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found people who are depressed are more likely to be heavy smokers and less likely to quit than people without depression.

Some of the specific findings:

Tick time

Spring can bring more than flowers and sunshine. April, May and June are the months adult ticks are most active in Illinois, public health experts say.

Lighten up cooking for spring

If you’re not already eating a lot of colorful fruits and vegetables, spring is a great time to give them more room on your plate.

In fact, our bodies actually want lighter, cleaner foods during this time of year, says Carle  dietician Kristina Adams.

Shopping around for a hospital

You probably wouldn’t buy a TV or a car without doing a little comparison-shopping first.

You can also shop around for hospital care in Illinois in much the same way.

Check out the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Hospital Report Card and Consumer Guide to Health Care at www.healthcarereportcard.illinois.gov.

Sobering news about cell phones and driving

Just how safe is it really to talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time?

A University of Utah study has found an overwhelming majority of people don’t drive well while they’re using their cell phones. In fact, they’re about as impaired at the wheel as a drunk driver.