Take Care: All About Your Health

Take Care: All About Your Health

Family poison prevention tips

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the medicines we keep in our homes can be both helpful and dangerous.

Don't lose sleep over change to daylight savings time

Many night owls know all too well the switch to daylight savings time coming up Sunday is toughest on them.

People who stay up late can have a hard time trying to get to sleep earlier than usual, while earlybirds have a tougher time handling the return to standard time in the fall, sleep doctors say.

Protect yourself from a nasty superbug

You’re probably beginning to hear more about the rapid rise of sickness from Clostridium difficile or “C. diff,” a bacterial infection also known as the diarrhea germ.

The symptoms range from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon and intestines, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Age of first colon cancer screening should depend on your risk, new guidance says

The American College of Physicians has issued a new guidance statement for colorectal cancer screening, and at least part of it contains a message many older adults are already hearing from their doctors:

FDA changing safety information for statins

Statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs taken by millions of Americans to prevent heart disease, have important health benefits — but taking them isn't risk-free.

Peripheral artery disease often missed, especially in women

That mystery leg pain that comes and goes.... The thought of peripheral artery disease may never cross your mind, but the American Heart Association is urging doctors and their patients — especially women — to pay more attention to this serious circulation condition.

Antibiotics don't help sinus infections, study finds

Taking the commonly-used antibiotic, amoxicillin, for most acute sinus infections doesn’t help with the symptoms or speed up recovery, according to a new study published in the Feb. 15 issue of the Journal of American Medical Association.

Nursing home risk: Dementia patients taking antidepressants fall more

Falls are a major safety risk in nursing homes, and a new study has found dementia patients in nursing homes taking antidepressants and sedatives are at an even higher risk of falling.

U.S. has highest teen pregnancy rate among developed nations

The teen birth rate has been on the decline in the U.S.,  but a new government report says this country still has the highest teen pregnancy rate among developed nations.

New grief ups heart attack risk

Grieving over the death of a loved one can take a heavy toll on the heart, at least in those first days and weeks after the loss, a new study suggests.