Take Care: All About Your Health

Take Care: All About Your Health

Report: Taxpayers are subsidizing junk food

Childhood obesity rates have tripled over the past three decades, fueled, in part, by a ready supply of junk food. And taxpayers are overwhelmingly fueling commodity crops winding up in junk food, according to an Illinois consumer activist organization.

About apple juice and arsenic

The debate over whether apple juice is safe to drink continues this week.

Pandemic film opens Friday

The new film Contagion, a fictional drama about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and national and international  partners  responding to an  infectious respiratory disease outbreak, opens at theaters Friday.

Know the signs of ovarian cancer

One in 67 women will get the potentially deadly ovarian cancer, and sometimes it’s found too late.

The best chance of survival is early treatment, which depends on finding the cancer early, so make yourself aware of the early warning signs, the Illinois Department of Public Health advises.

Antibiotics over-prescribed for kids, CDC says

Children with upper respiratory infections don’t usually need antibiotics, but all too often they wind up taking these drugs anyway, according to a government study.

Eating chocolate may cut heart disease risk by one-third

Another study was published today that generally agrees eating chocolate may be good for our hearts.

To be presented today at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris, this study found eating high levels of chocolate might be associated with a one-third less chance of developing heart disease.

Thousands of kids hurt each year by falls out windows

Parents, are your kids' beds placed close to upper-story windows?

A new study published online Monday in Pediatrics (the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) warned about 5,000 children a year are being injured or killed from falls out of windows, and sometimes climbing on furniture is involved.

Study finds excess body fat when you're older may shorten your life

Step away from the cake again! A new study appears to contradict recent research that concluded elderly people carrying a bit of extra weight live longer.

This study, done by Adventist Health Studies, suggests people who are overweight in their 70s, may live a few years less than those who maintained a normal weight.

Choosing foot-healthy shoes for kids

 You want to buy the practical ones that fit, and look like they’ll last.  Your daughter wants the purple ones with glitter on the toes that look like they’ll fall apart in a puddle.

Beyond the obvious practical concerns, there’s a health issue here. And, parents, podiatrists will back you up.

Avoid these back-to-school infections

As kids head back to school, it’s time to remind them, once again, to wash their hands —  a lot, WITH SOAP!

Infections spread when kids (and the rest of us) don’t wash their hands, and then touch their eyes, noses and mouths. And when kids pick up germs at school, the rest of the family often gets sick, too.