Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

What to expect when you're expecting ... a new puppy

First things first: I am not turning this into a regular pet column.

However, much has transpired since I wrote last month about the new four-legged addition to our family.

Holes have been dug. Valentines have been shredded. Shoes have been chewed.

So much chewing.

'You can make it'

My daughter, who once had dreams of becoming a ballerina-princess/machine-maker, has a new career list.

After taking a “Career Cruising” survey at school, she was given 10 suggested occupations. They ranged from multimedia developer and website designer to elementary school teacher and corporate trainer.

Corporate trainer? And no science on the list?

The dog days ...

What are your best (or worst) dog-training moments? Email Julie Wurth at or tweet to her @jawurth.


When our first child was born, everyone warned us about the monumental lifestyle change ahead.

Home for Christmas

This column ran in the Dec. 20 News-Gazette.

I’m a Christmas purist. And I don’t much like change.

Fired up for change

A good idea that actually took root several years ago at Garden Hills Elementary School continues to thrive.

I wrote two weeks ago about a “Gentleman’s Club” at the school intended to teach boys about manners, responsibility and giving back to the community.

True gentlemen

Every Tuesday, more than two dozen boys dress in their Sunday best for lunch at Garden Hills Elementary School.

They give up recess to talk about manners, responsibility and giving back to the community.

In short, how to be a true gentleman.

And they like it.

For families with autism, a stress-free night out

Dinner at a restaurant is always an unpredictable adventure with kids.

But for parents of children with autism, it’s even more stressful.

Autism, a group of complex brain development disorders, frequently causes problems with communication or social interaction, as well as repetitive behaviors.

Is it Nov. 8 yet?

I like to flip on the news in the morning or after dinner to catch the latest national headlines (easier for my aging eyes than squinting at my phone).

Lately it hasn’t been so pretty.

Helping families in a complex world

Some good news emerged recently from the annual report on the well-being of America’s children.

Teen pregnancy is down, continuing a long-term trend. Binge drinking among high school students has dropped. More children have health insurance, and the percentage of teens smoking is the lowest since 1980.

Lost in translation

After hours of negotiations that rivaled the Paris peace talks, we recently upgraded our home wireless and satellite TV service — and managed to shave money off our monthly bill in the process.

I was feeling quite smug — who says tech is only for the young? — until it was time to come up with a security question for our account.