Does frozen custard count as running fuel?

Does frozen custard count as running fuel?

After a two-week layoff, my son and I resumed our training Sunday for the Illinois Marathon 5K.

Between a three-day stomach flu for him and a cold for me, plus baseball, soccer and several out-of-town trips, we hadn't been able to squeeze in any significant runs since March 27. That was the day he and his friend ran the full 5K course (see 3/29 blog post). And since I was out of town for that, my layoff had been even longer.

It showed  -- for me at least.

We were running late -- literally -- jogging part of the way to Hessel Park to meet our friends. My son quickly calculated that would be at least part of a lap so we could shorten our course. He'd had a birthday sleepver the night before, and had just come from baseball practice, so he was a little spent.

We agreed that we would run four laps (2.4 miles) and walk the fifth.

Then, during the fourth lap, came the inevitable need for a bathroom break. Except the bathrooms are still locked (note to Champaign Park District: children do need to use the bathrooms in April). So that sort of threw everybody off.

He doggedly ran to the bathrooms and then back to the path, but it was a bit of a shortcut. I didn't care, because at this point I'd been reduced to walking the last few yards of our course.

It was a little hotter than any of our previous runs, and as we walked the last lap, my son said, "Mom, your face is really red."

"That," I said, "is why Mommy stopped."

All in all we did OK, and the day wasn't a total loss. Our friends wanted to take my son to Jarling's Custard Cup as a birthday treat. I decided I should go along, just to be polite.

Nothing like a peanut-butter fudge snowstorm to get your energy back. 

I wonder if there's any way to work that into our training diet...

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