Are We There Yet? (February 2011)

Are We There Yet? (February 2011)

The ABCs of preparing for kindergarten

The "Get Ready for Kindergarten" program returns to the Champaign Public Library this month with a series of Wednesday morning workshops for kids.

A very buggy Family Picks

If your kids like bugs, this edition of Family Picks may be for them! The annual Insect Fear Film Festival comes to campus, with (hilariously) scary movies and lots of fun activities designed to get kids interested in the world of bugs.

Fit for a president: Family Picks

Spring is in the air — for now — and family events are sprouting up all over! On this three-day Presidents weekend, go outside to count some birds,  indulge your young artist, celebrate the Spurlock Museum’s 100th anniversary, let your kids explore a “dangerous” book, or take in some music, dance and children’s theater.

Too many children have died

Imagine the thing that terrifies you most as a parent. The thing we won’t allow ourselves to think about in any concrete way, much less say aloud. Then multiply that horror three times.

Donors come through

A recent appeal for donations helped fill up empty racks at local Salvation Army stores, though they’re still short on some items.

Valentine's Eve: Family Picks

By now you may already have tickets for your daddy-daughter dance or date night, but if you missed the deadline there are lots of other fun things to do with your little ones this Valentine Eve weekend!

It's a Super weekend for Family Picks!

If you’re looking for something besides a Super Bowl party this weekend — and really, that’s not ‘til Sunday afternoon — we’ve got a few ideas.

Things we love (yes, love!) about snowstorms

In case you missed this (like I did) the very talented Christine des Garennes posted a series of things she loves about snowstorms on Twitter the other day, under the hashtag #lovemeagoodsnowstorm.

Beware the Snowjoe

I guess I was wrong about the snow-preventing properties of our new snowblower.

I figured shelling out a couple hundred bucks on our “Snowjoe” was enough to keep Champaign-Urbana snow-free for the rest of the winter. Not so. Apologies for my optimism.

It arrived in the middle of our last snowstorm in mid-January, and excitement was high.