Are We There Yet? (November 2011)

Are We There Yet? (November 2011)

The family that paints together...

My dithering nature manifests itself in a big way when I have to choose paint colors.

I once tested four different beiges for our old living room. BEIGE. Not exactly a risky color.

They were either too peachy or too taupy or didn't match my upholstery. Whatever. I still wasn't really happy with the result.

The holidays are in full swing in weekend Family Picks

Suffering from post-turkey lethargy or Black Friday exhaustion? We’ve got some events to perk you up this holiday weekend!

When news is bleak, be thankful for small things

I like to think of myself as a fairly positive person.

I have my share of anxiety, those glass-completely-empty moments when the kids are sick, projects are due, bills are overdue and — just to top it off — squirrels eat their way into our garage.

Life in our own 'Big Dig'

Since approximately, oh, mid-May, the main street through our neighborhood has been torn up by a massive storm sewer project.

A folksy Family Picks (warning: Christmas events included)

If you love music, dance and folk arts, this is the weekend for you. Downtown Urbana will be rockin' with the Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival. And it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas events are sneaking in with craft shows and a holiday walk. Too early for you? Take a tour of Japan House or see a rodeo!

Halloween 2011: We got the Big Candy!

We love our older neighborhood, especially on Halloween night when the streets are full of people, young and old.