Are We There Yet? (October 2013)

Are We There Yet? (October 2013)

When did duct tape become an art form?

There once was a girl with a duct-tape dress. She had a matching duct-tape hat.

She sat in a duct-tape chair by her duct-tape rug. She had duct-tape flowers in her hair and duct-tape shoes on her feet and carried a duct-tape wallet in her duct-tape purse.

Fairy tale? No, it’s all too real. Just check Pinterest.

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So we all need inspiration, right?

Football on a smaller 'Field of Dreams'

You may remember a certain homemade baseball field I wrote about in early August, built on several empty lots in Savoy’s Prairie Fields subdivision by five enterprising Little Leaguers.

Since then, “Prairie Field” has shrunk a bit. And it’s now a gridiron.