More road-trip horror stories

More road-trip horror stories

We asked some Facebook friends to share their best (worst?) road-trip horror stories. Read on if you dare. And add your own to the list with a comment below, or email and we'll post it for you:

From Judy Argentieri, Champaign:

I would have to say the biggest trip disaster was when Sam, age 3, vomited all over himself and the woman seated next to us on the plane...oh, and, did I mention that she was wearing a fur coat?! And for the record I was in the back of the plane with my sister and both kids (and no clean outfits left for Sam) while my husband Ben peacefully napped in the front of the plane. When we all met by the gate after the flight, he looked at Sam and said, "Why is my son in a woman's pink t-shirt?!!" I am pleased to report that thanks to my sister's good instincts and quick reflexes, Ben was unharmed.

From Amy Wilson Lozar, Mahomet:

One time when we were kids my sister threw up all over our blankets & pillows in the back of the station wagon as we traveled on a winding, two-lane mountain road in the dark, with nowhere to pull over.

From Jill Gengler, Champaign:

We were on our way to Arkansas on our first ever road trip with a small child. We had stopped for more rest breaks/diaper breaks/snack breaks than I was used to before kids, so when my son Elliot insisted (loudly) that he was thirsty, I really didn't want to take YET ANOTHER break.

I was in the passenger seat. I don't remember if I consulted with my husband Garret or not (I'm sure he'd say I was acting independently and that he never would have approved this series of events), but I put the straw in the first-ever juice box and handed it over the seat to my safely rear-facing toddler, who was 1, and went back to looking out the window. Garret, the driver, was the one who looked back to notice the boy squeezing the juice box and chortling at the fountain of sugar water he was creating.

There was some yelling, there was flailing of arms, possibly tears, definitely recriminations as we pulled off the interstate once more in the Bootheel of Missouri to clean up the toddler, the car seat, the Audi. I spent the rest of the trip opening up juice boxes and carefully pouring the juice into the kid's sippy cup.

From Michaelene Ostrosky, Champaign:

When my son was an infant he threw up all over me and the lady next to me on a plane...I came home in a zippered jacket and no shirt underneath!

Mary Coleman Hambly, Champaign:

Our luggage was stored on the top of our powder blue station wagon named 'Betsy' in order to fit all six kids on our trip to Florida. Torrential rains in Tennessee caused my dad's red underwear to run through all of our clothes. Luckily, my teenager sister's attire was in another case so disaster averted. The rest of us happily sported our semi-dyed clothes at Disney.


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