Are We There Yet? (May 2015)

Are We There Yet? (May 2015)

Two strikes and it's gone

The house of Weiss Lancaster’s youth was a magical place to grow up, an old Victorian mansion with back stairs and a tower and a huge porch.

Can't say no to Fido - or Kitty?

The pet pressure is building in our household.

I’ve managed to hold off acquiring a furry friend for eight years, since our last kitty went to meet her feline maker.

But our kids are fairly relentless, and I’ve run out of excuses.

For awhile, it was hairball fatigue. I wasn’t ready to deal with the cleanup involved with a pet and two young kids.

Decluttering can be a costly proposition

There I was, contemplating how I could steal something back from a local thrift shop and asking myself, “How did I get here?”

Let’s back up a few days.

About a month ago, on the first sunny Saturday in a while, I felt energized to do some spring cleaning.

This doesn’t come easy for me. I save everything. My house could be one of those “before” pictures on