Are We There Yet? (May 2016)

Are We There Yet? (May 2016)

More weeds? That's just dandy

We are used to neighbors cringing when they walk by our lawn.

There’s the annual stinky ginkgo problem, the 80-20 ratio of weeds-grass, a certain lumpiness to the terrain and, for a few weeks every spring, swarms of ground bees that take up residence along our sidewalk. (I’m told they are good pollinators.)

Runners 'Stepping Up' for charity at home and abroad

If you passed by the window of the She Said Project in downtown Champaign last week, you might have wondered about that bottle of vodka next to a pile of old running shoes.

Turns out the best cleaning solution for old tennis shoes is one part vodka, three parts water. (Our livers must be really clean.)

Why so many shoes?

I took a six-month vacation from Facebook - and survived

This column appeared in The News-Gazette on Tuesday, April 23, 2015.

Almost a year ago now, my laptop died. It wasn’t quite as catastropic as a smartphone failure, but close.

After several futile attempts at a rescue, I gave up and bought a replacement.