Are We There Yet? (August 2016)

Are We There Yet? (August 2016)

A day in the life of an older(ish) mom

It was one of those sweet moments of childhood: my 5-year-old was giving me a Mommy makeover.

I sat in our living room “spa” while she brushed my hair, applied pretend lipstick and handed me some plastic jewels to wear. She stepped back to review her work, and smiled.

“You’re so pretty,” she said, as my heart melted.

Off to college - ready or not

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I see them at the dorms every August: the excited and nervous freshmen, the anxious and even more nervous parents, lugging pillows and towels and everything else they could cram into the car.

And I think: I’m so not ready for this.

‘I can do anything’

When my daughter was young, she liked to ask me about the “olden times” when I was a girl.

The days of no satellite TV, no mobile phones, no Google, not even a measly VCR.

It’s hard for her fathom that life.

Passport to adventure

This column first appeared in the July 19 News-Gazette.

The first hint that our vacation might require a bit more planning than usual came about a month before our scheduled departure.

Our drive out east was to include a visit with family, a couple of days in New York City and a stop by Niagara Falls on our way home.