Are We There Yet? (September 2017)

Are We There Yet? (September 2017)

A letter from Houston

The Facebook page of a good friend in Houston has been full of entries like this over the past few weeks:

“A mom collapsed into my arms sobbing today after we spent three hours waiting together to get her into an apartment provided by Harris County. She will get a furnished one bedroom starting tomorrow (yay!) but she lost everything in Harvey. She is considering this a fresh start.”

'When is the disaster over?'

The onslaught of disasters over the past two weeks has been overwhelming even for a casual observer.

Imagine what it must be like for those living it — the victims who’ve lost houses, belongings, loved ones. The children who lived through the terror of howling winds or quaking buildings, who’ve seen their rooms flooded, their schools destroyed, a pet or a beloved toy lost.

Dog eat ... anything

Note: This column was originally published in the Aug. 29 News-Gazette.

I’ve got a title for a new book: “Murphy finds a bone.”

Or more accurately, “Murphy finds a (fill in the blank).”

It’s the rare dog walk where we arrive back home without some new treasure.

Most of my neighbors have probably heard me groan and mutter, “What did you find now?”