Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

The 'Mini-Mes' who complete us

Note: This column originally ran in the Sept. 17 News-Gazette.

I came home the other night to find my computer full of links to sports stats and online draft information.

This is not unusual; I have lived with a sportswriter for almost 20 years.

Confessions of a sentimental clutter-holic

My name is Julie, and I am a clutter-holic.

I have written several times about the clutter pileup in my life. I blame it on my work (paper-intensive), my children (megastuff), my schedule (frenetic) and life in general.

Field of dreams: Baseball the way it was meant to be

Picture this: Summer day, 70 degrees and sunny, a group of boys playing baseball on a homemade field, radio blaring in the background.

No uniforms, cleats or coaches in sight. Just a bunch of kids making up rules and running basepaths outlined in spray paint, with a plywood backstop.

Are We There Yet: A piercing dilemma

Signs that our children have entered the tween/teen years: dinner conversations include talk of piercings and tattoos.

So far it’s just curiosity. The idea of more needles poking into their skin doesn’t appeal to them. But it’s clear that pierced ears are on our horizon.

Are We There Yet: Well-oiled machines

My son, who turned 13 in April, is taking on more and more responsibilities these days, which I think we all would agree is a good thing. Most of the time.

Many cultures consider 13-year-olds to be on the verge of adulthood, with confirmations, bar mitzvahs, the works.

I do not believe those ceremonies involve lawn mowers.

Are We There Yet: It's quite handy to have handy helpers

I came home the other day to find underwear hanging in the carport.

We did not host a block party gone wild.

Front porch or back door, the welcome mat is always out

In our household, we do not stand on formality.

Our design style is what you might call transitional eclectic — as in, the stuff we’ve collected over the years refreshed by an occasional purchase (after the children destroyed our first sofa, for example).

We don’t host fancy dinner parties. We have barbecues.

We are not fussy about cleaning — to put it mildly.

Billboards are still signs of our times

Like a lot of other people, we took a road trip — and dealt with lots of snow — over spring break.

It wasn’t a long vacation, just an extended weekend in Kansas City to take in some NCAA tournament games, visit with family and eat lots of food.

Embracing our checkered immigrant past

You may recall my battles with school projects, but I’m here to report some good news:

My printer is working (*duck for lightning strike*).

I have successfully downloaded photos AND VIDEOS from my phone.