Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

The holidays are in full swing in weekend Family Picks

Suffering from post-turkey lethargy or Black Friday exhaustion? We’ve got some events to perk you up this holiday weekend!

When news is bleak, be thankful for small things

I like to think of myself as a fairly positive person.

I have my share of anxiety, those glass-completely-empty moments when the kids are sick, projects are due, bills are overdue and — just to top it off — squirrels eat their way into our garage.

Life in our own 'Big Dig'

Since approximately, oh, mid-May, the main street through our neighborhood has been torn up by a massive storm sewer project.

A folksy Family Picks (warning: Christmas events included)

If you love music, dance and folk arts, this is the weekend for you. Downtown Urbana will be rockin' with the Champaign-Urbana Folk and Roots Festival. And it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas events are sneaking in with craft shows and a holiday walk. Too early for you? Take a tour of Japan House or see a rodeo!

Halloween 2011: We got the Big Candy!

We love our older neighborhood, especially on Halloween night when the streets are full of people, young and old.

The squirrels win again

Here is the scene that greeted me on our patio this morning:

At first my brain couldn't comprehend what had happened - until I saw the empty table that used to house a very cute pumpkin. Actually, three.

Nothing says Halloween like ramen noodles

Halloween is approaching, and we have yet to stock up on treats.

I’m not as fired up as usual about the whole fall-decorating/Halloween thing this year — maybe because our street remains a construction zone.

Family Picks: Planes, trains and pumpkins

The weather is improving just in time for the weekend, and Family Picks returns with a full lineup: arts and literacy events, a chance to learn some aviation history and, in a special Halloween preview, the Great Pumpkin House and a Ghost Train!

Tough questions on stranger danger

My “serious” conversations with my children never seem to go according to the textbooks.