Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Growing grass, and kids, in the back yard

We are not yard people by nature. Rather, we are not “yard work” people.

We inherited a beautiful yard when we bought our house in 2001 from a professor of landscape architecture. Nice patio out back, perennial beds, brick walkways, lots of shade trees, spring bulbs, flowering bushes, the works. And still plenty of lawn for the kids to play.

Family Picks: Jam-packed, just for Dad

Home makeover: The breezeway horrors

It's never good when I get a phone call from my husband that starts, "You're going to be really mad about this."

I was at work, he was at home with the kids, and my first thought was another window had been broken (topic for future blog post).

But not this time.

Family Picks: It's a Wonderland

Your options for this weekend just get curiouser and curiouser, from an “Alice in Wonderland” adventure at the Orpheum to a vintage baseball game to a "Furry Friends Overnight." Something for everyone!

A mom battles ALS with candor and grace

The first symptoms appeared a year ago, when Tricia Evans noticed her legs getting tired.

There was no pain, just weakness, and she had developed a slight limp.

A busy working mom of two, Evans didn’t go to the doctor right away. When she did, in July, doctors prescribed exercise to strengthen her muscles.

Kick off your summer with Family Picks!

OK, it's not technically summer yet, but school is finally over — which means you need more things for the kids to do than ever! This weekend you can take them to a safety fair, the fishing hole, a pow-wow, a spring festival, concerts, or a new kids’ rock ‘n’ roll musical about bugs. Happy summer break!

Family Picks: Are you ready for the pool?

It sounds like (dare I say this? ) the weather may be improving and pools are opening this weekend, so jump in, hunt for some bargains, create art at the market, catch a big one or enjoy music from some up-and-coming bands!

We're all House Nuts at heart

My friend Kerry, the House Nut, started a blog the other day about her favorite obsession: houses.

Specifically, lusting after (and mentally redecorating) other people’s houses. It’s called “HousetalkN,” and it’s wonderfully clever.

The age of hypertasking

Anxiety dawns slowly.

Every morning, I wake with the thought, “Does anybody have a game tonight?” Followed closely by, “(Expletive), did I wash his/her uniform?”

There are bigger things in life to worry about, but this time of year, I have no time for world crises. I haven’t even watched Will and Kate’s nuptials.

Family Picks: Time to build something

Build your own creations, plant some seeds or go sailing, check out a bicycle rodeo, or kick off your summer plans at the Savoy Recreation Center! Lots more outdoor activities this weekend  ... so let’s all do the “No more rain” dance!