Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Family Picks: Are you ready for the pool?

It sounds like (dare I say this? ) the weather may be improving and pools are opening this weekend, so jump in, hunt for some bargains, create art at the market, catch a big one or enjoy music from some up-and-coming bands!

We're all House Nuts at heart

My friend Kerry, the House Nut, started a blog the other day about her favorite obsession: houses.

Specifically, lusting after (and mentally redecorating) other people’s houses. It’s called “HousetalkN,” and it’s wonderfully clever.

The age of hypertasking

Anxiety dawns slowly.

Every morning, I wake with the thought, “Does anybody have a game tonight?” Followed closely by, “(Expletive), did I wash his/her uniform?”

There are bigger things in life to worry about, but this time of year, I have no time for world crises. I haven’t even watched Will and Kate’s nuptials.

Family Picks: Time to build something

Build your own creations, plant some seeds or go sailing, check out a bicycle rodeo, or kick off your summer plans at the Savoy Recreation Center! Lots more outdoor activities this weekend  ... so let’s all do the “No more rain” dance!

It's all happenin' at the Urbana Market!

URBANA — Pesky rains may postpone its debut, but the popular “Sprouts at the Market” is scheduled to return to the the Urbana farmers market on Saturday, along with a bicycle safety rodeo for kids.

Family Picks: It feels like summer edition

The big event this weekend is the University of Illinois Commencement, of course, but if your kids don’t feel like sitting through a graduation ceremony you can listen to music, watch a rocket launch or get outside to run, play or canoe!

Diary of a sixth-grader

The questions from my fifth-grader started coming fast and furious the other day:

“Mom, what classes will we have in middle school?”

“Do we take our backpacks into class with us?”

“Will I still bring my lunch?”

Baseball or ballet? It's Mom's Pick!

Marathon Family Picks

Dream job: princess or scientist?

When my kids were very young, they had big dreams.

My son wanted to be a baseball player. Or a basketball player, depending on the season.

My daughter was an interesting mix. Her choices ranged from ballerina-princess to machine-maker.