Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Goldwassers celebrate a lifetime together - and more

To give you an idea how long Lizie and Ned Goldwasser have been married, consider this.

More from a remarkable couple

Trying to sum up the life of Ned and Lizie Goldwasser is one of the tougher assignments I’ve had as a reporter.

Music, medieval science and magic: Family Picks

Your kids can channel their inner Mad Scientist, do a little magic or create art with their ears. Plus, a premiere U.S. Air Force brass band performs — for free! It's all happenin' this weekend.

Houdini Hoopla! Magic show, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Tolono Public Library, 111 E. Main St., Tolono. Free.

Family Picks: spring break!

If your spring break plans will keep you in town this weekend, we’ve got plenty for your kids to do. They can “March with the Penguins” at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, learn to contra dance, take in the circus, or help out with the earthquake relief effort in Japan. Enjoy!

Kindergarten prep: Schools of Choice

Six years ago this month, I was in a state of high anxiety.

Our firstborn was about to enter kindergarten, and that meant we were muddling our way through the Champaign school lottery.

Precious memories, in technicolor

Like any self-respecting helicopter parents, we’ve been documenting our children’s lives since the day they were born.

The ABCs of preparing for kindergarten

The "Get Ready for Kindergarten" program returns to the Champaign Public Library this month with a series of Wednesday morning workshops for kids.

A very buggy Family Picks

If your kids like bugs, this edition of Family Picks may be for them! The annual Insect Fear Film Festival comes to campus, with (hilariously) scary movies and lots of fun activities designed to get kids interested in the world of bugs.

Fit for a president: Family Picks

Spring is in the air — for now — and family events are sprouting up all over! On this three-day Presidents weekend, go outside to count some birds,  indulge your young artist, celebrate the Spurlock Museum’s 100th anniversary, let your kids explore a “dangerous” book, or take in some music, dance and children’s theater.

Too many children have died

Imagine the thing that terrifies you most as a parent. The thing we won’t allow ourselves to think about in any concrete way, much less say aloud. Then multiply that horror three times.