Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

No TV - or Wii or Facebook - for a year?

Every year, the approach of Turnoff Week (aka Screen-Free Week or No TV Week) is met with grumbling in our household. And the kids don’t like it either.

Childhood transitions: A changing corner

Today marks a milestone for my 7-year-old daughter.

After months of anticipation, she’s taking her first piano lesson.

Family Picks: Boneyard Arts and more!

Whew! Prepare for the busiest weekend in months as C-U celebrates the Boneyard Arts Festival, Brain Awareness Day at the children’s museum and Moms Weekend on campus. Music, art, theater and science to boot!

Boneyard Arts Festival: Friday through Sunday, downtown Champaign, downtown Urbana and venues throughout the county. Most events free.

A kissable pig

You may remember the irrepressible Quinn from a column I wrote last August.

She’s a 6-year-old with Type 1 diabetes, and her mom, Leighann Calentine, writes the D-Mom Blog about living with the disease.

A very musical Family Picks

Spring is in full swing this weekend, with a downtown music festival, a fairy-tale ball, lots of musical theater and the United Way's "Ready, Set, Grow!" event to help kids get off to a great start. Take your pick!

Goldwassers celebrate a lifetime together - and more

To give you an idea how long Lizie and Ned Goldwasser have been married, consider this.

More from a remarkable couple

Trying to sum up the life of Ned and Lizie Goldwasser is one of the tougher assignments I’ve had as a reporter.

Music, medieval science and magic: Family Picks

Your kids can channel their inner Mad Scientist, do a little magic or create art with their ears. Plus, a premiere U.S. Air Force brass band performs — for free! It's all happenin' this weekend.

Houdini Hoopla! Magic show, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Tolono Public Library, 111 E. Main St., Tolono. Free.

Family Picks: spring break!

If your spring break plans will keep you in town this weekend, we’ve got plenty for your kids to do. They can “March with the Penguins” at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, learn to contra dance, take in the circus, or help out with the earthquake relief effort in Japan. Enjoy!