Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

For teacher gifts, a personal touch means a lot

The winter school holiday break is approaching, which prompts two questions:

— What happened to November?
— What should we get the kids’ teachers this year?

Apple magnet? Nah, they probably have five. “World’s Greatest Teacher” ornament? Too many to count.

Family Picks: The holiday cup runneth over

With the holidays approaching, there's almost too much to do this weekend! Pick your favorites from this list of Christmas parades, seasonal performances and Santa events, in Champaign, Tuscola, Monticello, LeRoy and more.

We've even mixed in a few non-holiday events, for good measure!

Family Picks: Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of the four-day holiday (for kids, at least), here’s an early look at the weekend festivities. Not sure what to do with the kids/relatives all weekend? Work off those calories with the Turkey Trot or some ice-skating, or visit a kid-friendly exhibit on ancient Egypt. And Santa arrives Saturday in Urbana!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for a good picture book? Here's some suggestions

This year’s gift guide from the University of Illinois Center for Children’s Books contains 90 top-quality picture books, from holiday adventures to the story of a (very) young budding journalist.

Books of pictures - and memories

Every once in awhile I’m overwhelmed by the stacks of books spilling out of my kids’ bookshelves and I resolve to pare them down.

I’m usually not very successful.

Growing up with Asperger's

An upcoming presentation on Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism, proved so popular that registration has already closed, but the organizer promises to hold another session early next year.

Family Picks: The holidays are coming edition

Christmas decorations are starting to pop up, Santa is coming, and holiday parades are happenin' all around the area this weekend. Not quite ready for the holidays? How about a steel drum concert or a children's production of "Music Man"? Check it out!

Need to recycle? Got the holiday spirit? Check our Family Picks

We have an eclectic mix for you this weekend, whether you're in an outdoorsy, environmental mood or just have that holiday spirit! Not to mention a puppet show, the Harlem Wizards and National Gaming Day. Enjoy!

Child care or college?

Thinking of starting a college fund for your new baby?

You may want to endow a child care fund first.

Curse you, Halloween Scrooges!

I didn’t plan to write anything else pumpkin-related this year — and then somebody swiped our scarecrow.