Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Family Picks — Mother’s Day edition

Looking for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day? Plenty to choose from in our Family Picks this weekend.

Treat mom to a fun movie — and help a baby

All those delightful moments of a baby's first year --the first smile, splashing in the bath, crawling at breakneck speed -- are captured in a new movie called "Babies."

Racing against time

I had several goals in Saturday's Illinois Marathon 5K, and luckily none of them involved going really fast.

Like running, or bees? We've got Family Picks for you

You may be tired of hearing about it, but this weekend’s big event is the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. You can try to avoid it with our tips or — especially if you know someone racing — join in the fun.

Two more cribs recalled; 1-year-old death cited

Are there any drop-side cribs left that haven't been recalled?

Two more crib recalls were announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission today, including 217,000 Graco-branded LaJobi drop-side cribs.

Getting from here to there on race day

Saturday mornings are full of activities at our house. Soccer, baseball, basketball, dance -- it's always a flurry of logistics.

This Saturday morning is also the Illinois Marathon, which is complicating our lives.

TV for all: Who doesn't love ‘Phineas and Ferb’?

We missed TV Turnoff week.

Technically, it’s now Turnoff Week, or Screen-Free Week, but we didn’t turn off our computers or video games, either.

‘Blue Kids’ are back — and mostly unscathed

You may have noticed the blue cut-outs of children near high-profile intersections around Champaign County.

Can kids work at Million Meals for Haiti?

If you're been wondering whether young children can volunteer at the Million Meals for Haiti event this weekend, the answer is yes.