Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Can't say no to Fido - or Kitty?

The pet pressure is building in our household.

I’ve managed to hold off acquiring a furry friend for eight years, since our last kitty went to meet her feline maker.

But our kids are fairly relentless, and I’ve run out of excuses.

For awhile, it was hairball fatigue. I wasn’t ready to deal with the cleanup involved with a pet and two young kids.

Decluttering can be a costly proposition

There I was, contemplating how I could steal something back from a local thrift shop and asking myself, “How did I get here?”

Let’s back up a few days.

About a month ago, on the first sunny Saturday in a while, I felt energized to do some spring cleaning.

This doesn’t come easy for me. I save everything. My house could be one of those “before” pictures on

Custard's last stand

We’ve heard a lot about ice cream lately.

Specifically, frozen custard.

The open-closed-open again tale of Jarling’s Custard Cup has kept fans of the frozen treat guessing for the past few weeks.

We meet again, Mickey

When I tell people what I did over spring break, I get a variety of reactions.

Laughter. Sympathy. And from some fellow parents, knowing smiles.

My vacation involved a trip to Florida with my daughter — and about 100 of her middle-school friends. Four days at the Disney World theme parks, two overnight bus trips there and back.

Outwitted by a thermostat

With all the shoveling, back pain and creative driving we’ve endured in recent days, I thought I’d offer some tried-and-true homeowner advice to help you get through the rest of the winter.

Today’s installment is a step-by-step guide for what (not) to do when your furnace stops working on the coldest day of the year. Just in case, you know, that were to ever happen.

'A beautiful gesture'

Shelby Rowan has had a rough life. No two ways about it.

He lived with his mom in a homeless shelter, on and off, for the first 14 years of his life.

His dad wasn’t in the picture. One brother died at birth. Another spent time in jail.

Dear HGTV: Don't forget the little people

HGTV is an old friend.

The network of home makeovers and remodeling shows debuted in 1994, and I’ve been a faithful fan ever since.

I’ve daydreamed about which show I’d apply for and mentally drafted many a heart-tugging letter to the producers.

Piecing together family history, box by box

Every family has a story, as NPR’s “StoryCorps” project has so poignantly told.

We’ve been revisiting ours in recent weeks box by box, combing through the treasure trove of memories from my parents’ house.

Indecision time: we're Wurthin' it

We have an indecision problem in our family.

At least I think we do. I could be wrong. What do you think?

This malady afflicts us to varying degrees. I fall somewhere short of midrange on the decisiveness-o-meter — not as bad as some but worse than others.