Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Home for the holidays - one last time

We are celebrating the “Thanksmas” holiday this year with my side of the family.

My niece is getting married Saturday night, and lots of relatives are coming into town who won’t be able to make it back for Christmas a month later. So we’re doing a combo holiday on Thanksgiving.

Toys worth tossing: all the noise, noise noise!

Judging by the Christmas trees I saw at Target on Halloween — or maybe it was Fourth of July? — the holiday shopping season has begun.

I have just one question: What mouth-breathing nonparent invented the toy called “Bop-it”?

Halloween tailgate

We are approaching a Halloween transition.

Our kids are tweens-plus — the oldest doesn’t trick-or-treat anymore, and our daughter will probably go with friends this year.

My sweet girl, who has in past years been a fairy and a princess and a ballerina, is thinking of going as a criminal. Another proud parenting moment.

The childhood bucket list

Lots of people have bucket lists.

Climbing Mount Everest, riding a hot air balloon, sky diving — actually those are on my things-I’d-never-do-in-a-million-years list.

I have kept a bucket list of sorts for my kids. Not big things, just simple joys of childhood.

Pink icing or blue?

Technology has taken a lot of the mystery out of life.

Storms arrive on schedule. Cars drive themselves. Our phones tell us who’s calling, when the Cardinals’ game starts and not to forget the milk.

Old cars and teen angst

We have an old van.

We don’t live in it, and it’s not parked down by the river (RIP Chris Farley).

But it is not what you’d call a luxury-mobile.

People often hear us coming. There’s a muffler issue. It might even smell a bit exhausty.

School Daze: the first day - or week - can be a challenge

It’s officially September and we’ve all survived the transition back to school. Not without a few challenges.

Like remembering when school actually starts.

Several eager freshmen were among the first students at Central High School on Aug. 20. Trouble was, they were about an hour early.

A paradise for young inventors

It’s a Friday night on campus, and three 11-year-olds are deep in thought over their new board game. That they made themselves.

You've got mail (from 1941)

Lilian Katz is known the world over for teaching parents and teachers about the minds of young children.

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