Voice Vote (June 2010)

Voice Vote (June 2010)

Champaign library overdue fine increase effective Thursday

July 1 marks the beginning of a new budget cycle for the city of Champaign and a new overdue fine era for the Champaign Public Library.

Fines are doubling -- from 10 cents to 20 cents per day for standard items -- starting Thursday. It's the first time the library has increased overdue fines since 1992.

Checklist: Six initiatives following Carrington shooting

With council approval of changes to the police complaint process this week, the city has completed four of the six initiatives City Manager Steve Carter presented to improve police-community relations following the October 2009 fatal police shooting of Kiwane Carrington.

T-Mobile still looking to build a cell tower in Champaign

Yes, T-Mobile still wants to put up a cell tower at Kirby and Mattis.

Mark Wilson, external affairs manager for T-Mobile's central region, told me this week that the technical crews in Champaign are still planning to put in an application with the city to build the tower behind Old Farm Shops, adjacent Carrie Busey Elementary and Wisegarver Park.

Curtis Road developer trying to move quickly

The new Christie Clinic off Curtis Road and I-57 will actually be a mirror image of how it was originally planned.

I finally got a hold of developer Todd Raufeisen on Monday to ask him why: frankly, the project wasn’t moving fast enough for him.

Chicken legalization looks like it will not fly

In the past few weeks, the city’s chicken ban has gotten more public comment than the city budget (which, for those paying attention to the budget, was adopted last week with $2 million in reductions).

So, in my head I’m trying to weigh which issue would be more important to detail in my first blog post.

Definitely chickens.