Voice Vote (July 2010)

Voice Vote (July 2010)

Odd ordinances: Don't haul that buck

This week's ordinance isn't all that odd, but it is a great example of how two local governments can differ in how they govern. Read on to find out how the habits of residents can dictate what makes it in and out of municipal codes.

What's blue, corrugated, spiral and could appear downtown?

The city's Public Art League on Tuesday unveiled the finalists for their public art competition. These nine, chosen from a pool of 42 entries from around the country, could be on display in Champaign toward the end of August.

Downtown parking deck sets personal record; use 'contines to grow'

After the Hill Street parking deck saw its most users ever during the downtown music festival, a city official says regular use continues to grow at the $11.2 million garage. Read on to find out why and what officials hope to see in the future.

Developer calls Curtis Road parking rule risky

A debate over how to orient street parking at Wednesday's meeting of the city's Plan Commission left a question unanswered. Read on to find out why a Curtis Road developer is not happy with what the city is asking.

Odd ordinances: Sit down and shush!

Just came across this odd ordinance in researching an unrelated story. Read on to find out why that jerk in the movie theater might be more than just a jerk. He's also a Champaign outlaw.

Federal stimulus dollars and Big Ten universities

ProPublica's database is a great tool for tracking where federal stimulus dollars go. Read on to see how Big Ten universities stack up against each other.

Odd ordinances: Cab drivers must keep clean

I’m sure you’ve seen them before. Every local government has laws on the books that seem quirky, or maybe no one even knows they’re there. I spend a lot of time looking at the Champaign municipal code, so I frequently come across them. I’ll share the ones I find here.

Champaign, Chicago on polar ends of gun control spectrum

Chicago's long-standing gun ban was recently struck down as unconstitutional, but where does the city of Champaign sit on the gun regulation spectrum? Read on for details on Champaign's gun control laws.

Honorary street names expiring; Illini Blvd. first up for renewal

Now beyond its 10-year expiration date, Illini Boulevard technically isn't Illini Boulevard until the city council renews it this month. Read on for details on this and the 28 other honorary street names in Champaign.

Property tax question on November ballot

I've written about this before, but it became official on Tuesday night at the monthly town hall meeting. If you live in the City of Champaign Township, you will be asked this question when you vote in November: