Voice Vote (November 2010)

Voice Vote (November 2010)

Letter from marquee company to Champaign Park District

The neon marquee that hung off the facade of the Virginia Theatre over the Park Avenue sidewalk for morethan 60 years may have been unsafe for those walking below. Find out why the sign maker building the new marquee thinks so.

Managing my trash: How much do I recycle?

I'm weighing my trash next week. Find out why, and maybe let me know if you'd be willing to do me a small favor.

Mayor challenged, but most council candidates go unopposed

No surprise candidates walked into the Champaign city clerk’s office on Monday as the deadline for declaring candidacy passed at 5 p.m., which means only one race will be contested.

Champaign's checkbook: Nearly $3 million for first half of November

The Champaign City Council this week unanimously approved payments totaling $2,995,050.17, nearly a third of which was on one check. Continue reading for more details and the full check register.

Champaign crime reports available on interactive online map

Crime data from the Champaign police is now available online, in near-real time. Read on for details on where to find the map.

City gave taxing districts extra incentive to sign off on TIF extension

The city of Champaign arranged an agreement to ensure, among others, the Champaign school district's support of the proposed 12-year extension of the East University Avenue tax increment financing district.

1926 directive finally came to be in 2010

City planners were making the case for civic art as early as 1926. Continue reading for details on how this relates to a 2010 decision and what it means for this year's planning.

City roundup: November preview, April candidates and multifamily recycling

Here's a quick look at what you should expect to see in The News-Gazette's Champaign government coverage this month and a few other random updates.

Champaign's checkbook: $1.87 million during second half of October

This week's mallest charge was $1.34 at the Round Barn True Value for "Phone in dispatch" and the biggest check went to Feutz Contractors in the amount of $437,823.20 for John Street drainage improvements. Read on for the full check register.

City of Champaign Township property tax question on today's ballot

How could I possibly get through Election Day without an election-related blog post?