Voice Vote (April 2011)

Voice Vote (April 2011)

It's still raining...

Champaign's chronic flooding issues have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years: severe storms in the latter half of the past decade plagued some residents' properties until they asked city officials to do something about it.

Why is it called the Boneyard Creek?

I've been writing a bit lately about the Boneyard Creek, and I've wondered how that name came to be since I first moved to Champaign in 2006. It seems a little morbid for the channel that drains storm water for a large portion of Champaign-Urbana.

Mayor-elect Gerard assembles 'transition team'

With just a few weeks left before he takes office, mayor-elect Don Gerard is preparing to take over as the city's top elected official. From a press release:

Champaign's checkbook: $3.7 million through March

The city paid vendors $3,731,666.29 between Feb. 25 and March 31. You can view the check registers below.

Live blog: Gerard elected mayor of Champaign

Only about 30 minutes until the polls close, and I imagine the candidates are starting to get tense. I plan to be in touch with Champaign candidates throughout the night, so keep your eyes here as I do my best to keep you in tune with what the war rooms are like on election night.