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Champaign police receive complaints, compliments

Citizen complaints against Champaign police have received special attention this week, so I figured it relevant to give a rundown of the most recent summary report, which was finalized last week.

How a local teacher met Holocaust survivor Regina Spiegel

A story I wrote for today's newspaper reports on Franklin Middle School teacher Trina Wetzel's recent trip to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and what that means for her eighth grade students.

City of Champaign likely avoids credit downgrade

The threat has already passed, and in reality, it was probably never an issue to begin with. But Moody's credit rating service recently informed the city that its credit rating is "resilient," even after the Standard & Poor's downgrade of the federal government.

Gerard is a politician with musical 'cred'

Mayor Don Gerard got a shoutout this week in an MTV blog about "Musicians with Political Cred." He was named by the author as one of five musicians-turned-elected-officials from around the world, including the likes of Sonny Bono and the president of Haiti (who is not Wyclef Jean, but an equally-

Urbana’s not the first appeal for ‘aggressive panhandling’

Despite the intense public discussion and microscopic examination of the proposed “aggressive panhandling” ordinance (which, hereafter, shall be referred to as the “aggressive solicitation” ordinance, as the Urbana City Council this week indica

City trees are worth millions of dollars

Ever consider how much a tree is worth?

If you need an new oak tree, you could buy one today from Prairie Gardens in Champaign for $79.99. But not every city tree is an oak -- and they certainly aren't as young as the trees Prairie Gardens is selling.

Champaign library board again delays discussion on $200 nonresident fee

I know a lot of readers have been waiting for an update on what's going on with the $200 user fee for residents of the Mahomet and Tolono (Savoy) library districts.

Reminder: Campus parking meter rates rising

With the new fiscal year beginning today, Urbana and University of Illinois parking meter rates have risen on campus from 75 cents to $1 per hour, and Champaign will be soon to follow. Off-campus meter rates are unchanged.

State Farm filming again in downtown Champaign

State Farm Insurance was filming again in downtown Champaign on Wednesday, but this week’s video will be seen only by State Farm employees.

Others say pro baseball is a 'quality of life' issue, not economic

There's been a lot of talk about bringing professional baseball to Champaign-Urbana lately.