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Tell us your snow stories

Here's an idea for a blog post that was very much inspired by a comment @chambanamoms made on Twitter. Something I've noticed is that people generally are more helpful when it snows, and I want to hear your stories.

UI wants $1.2 million from students for wind turbine

University officials are seeking and extra $700,000 for the embattled wind turbine project south of Urbana, bringing the budget total to $5.2 million. And they have apparently found -- or at least asked -- a potential funding source.

Mayoral candidate to bring alternative budget proposal to city council

Don Gerard, who is challenging Mayor Jerry Schweighart on the April 5, 2011, ballot, is bringing an alternative budget savings proposal to the city council tonight as council members prepare to cut up to $2 million from the spending plan. Read on to see how it compares to the city's savings plan.

Mayoral hopefuls neck-and-neck on campaign fundraising

I posted a while back that Mayor Jerry Schweighart was leading challenger Don Gerard in the pre-election campaign finance race. He still is, but the candidates have recently filed their required semi-annual campaign finance reports, so there's no better opportunity to take a look at where they are.

Sidewalk snow removal activated, city finishes plowing today

A press release I just received from the city of Champaign. If you own property in Campustown or downtown Champaign, take note of the second paragraph:

Champaign's checkbook: Not quite $1 million in first half of January

Road salt and auto parts were among the city of Champaign's nearly $1 million worth of bills in the first weeks of the year. Read on for details and the full check register.

Slow December for multifamily recycling program

Recycling haulers collected 61.5 tons of recyclables from participants of the city's multifamily recycling program in December, the program's first month in existence. That is far lower than the pace city officials hope to be at by the end of the year.

Speaking of road conditions...

Some interesting information in the city's weekly activity report today about the city's snow clearing in December and ongoing pothole repair efforts. Read on for details.

Year-end FOIA numbers from public access counselor

The Illinois Attornery general released final numbers today regarding the one-year-old revisions to the Freedom of Information Act, who is using it and how it is being used. Read on for details.

Champaign's checkbook: $4.8 million in December

The city spent $4,838,967.64 during the month of December. Usually these are done every two weeks, but the check register needs city council approval, and the holidays threw off the council's meeting schedule a bit.