Big improvement to March weather underway...

Big improvement to March weather underway...

March broke the cold trend with a statewide average temperature of 42.8 degrees, 2.4 degrees above normal.

While overall fields are wet, some producers are beginning to apply anhydrous where it is dry enough. In other places, producers are still busy moving grain and preparing equipment.

Topsoil moisture was rated 45 percent adequate and 55 percent surplus.

Winter wheat conditions stand at 5 percent very poor, 21 percent poor, 45 percent fair, 27 percent good, and 2 percent excellent.

Across the rest of the Corn Belt, warm weather is expanding across the upper Midwest, where some lowland flooding persists. Meanwhile, chilly conditions linger in the eastern Corn Belt.

The 6- to 10-day outlook calls for while warmer-than-normal weather from the Plains to the East Coast.

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